Fly tipping menace

Fly tipping, for those who don’t know, is the random dumping of household or business waste in places not legally recognised to dump. It is actually any waste at all that people cannot be bothered to transport or pay to be disposed of properly.

Why should you be bothered about this? We pay for the commercial waste teams across the UK to clean up after these “fly tip by nights”. The problem doesn’t seem to be improving either.

There are news articles, blogs, forums, magazines all talking about a wide range of ways in which people from all walks of life have been discarding all types of waste.

Some businesses have tried to avoid paying for rubbish to be removed from their premises, dumping furniture, gas bottles in back alleys in beautiful forest land. Often paying un-scrupulous opportunists to cart their junk away.

House-holders have felt the need to get in on the act too. Swerving the need to dump domestic waste properly, some have taken to leaving old toys, boxes, spent fridges, broken TVs in lay-bys and other quite spots where they wont be seen.

All this is spoiling out beauty spots, contaminating ground and our environment too. So something must be done. But what?

Some success has been found by some councils who have tried to educate the public and business owners with informational flyers and meetings to demonstrate the effect fly tipping is having on the land, water and air we all breathe. In some cases it seems to be working.

From Somerset to Barrow-in-Furness, fly tipping is putting a strain on local finances when  there are plenty of waste collection services available from handy resources like who list hundreds of quality services across the country.  If you know anyone who is dumping any kind of rubbish illegally, you are strongly encouraged to let the local council know so they can deal with it.

For those of us who pay our taxes and rates it is so important that those others flauting the law, know and understand the effect their behaviour is having on the whole. Lets stamp it out for good, together.