The Future of Commercial Trade Waste

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Where are we going with Business Waste in the UK?

Pressure is massive now from the International Community to reduce global waste through the use of recycling and other waste saving strategies. Looking to the future is the key to understand where we will be if we don’t start nailing the issues now.

There is much hope for the new generations to come in the form of initiatives dreamt up by the Government and the private sector. Also learning from the success and failures of other Countries across the globe will help us make headway towards more efficient Business Waste Services.

Initiatives like the anaerobic waste recycling projects are springing up everywhere. Based on sound principles, this method takes bio-degradable food waste from Business related to catering such as School kitchens, Restaurants, Cafes. This waste is then processed, often in the farm environment and the high quality bio gas produced is extracted and stored. This can be stored until it is to be used and pumped back into the grid.

Another scheme is where some councils are running free recycling services for commercial ventures, monitoring the success to see if this can become profitable for the council. If this is a success, other councils will join in, creating recycling services that pay for themselves so they can be offered to Businesses for free.

And there’s more. The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is offering the leasing of Recycling equipment to Businesses already recycling waste or newcomers with a desire to improve the future by recycling. This kind of forward thinking idea will help to bring new efficient recycling services to a country desperately in need of new blood with experienced knowledge supporting them.

It is Commercial waste innovations like these that are shaping a brighter future for Businesses in this challenging economic environment. Trade waste contractors working in partnership with these initiatives will create a healthier UK commercial sector where everyone benefits.

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