The Benefits Of Bio-Waste Recycling

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Biological Waste Recycling

What Are The Benefits Of Bio Waste Recycling?

Food and garden waste are also known as a type of biodegradable waste or bio waste, every household in the UK will have an element of either food or garden waste or both in a lot of cases. Despite the majority of people disposing of huge amounts of bio waste each year not many people actually consider the harm that food and garden waste can cause to the environment or how it could be better recycled.

It is not just the domestic sector, commercial businesses send huge amounts of bio waste to landfill, cafes, bars, restaurants, caterers and similar companies all need to understand the impact of these actions and react to them for the good of the environment.

Biodegradable waste is broken down by other living organisms, by sending it to landfill it is starved of oxygen and will decay over time resulting in harmful carbon dioxide and methane gas being released into the environment and increasing global warming.

Currently around 100 million tonnes of garden waste or food waste is produced with approximately 65% going to landfill, the Government and EU have set out guidlines in early 2011 to combat this issue which will force the UK to comply with a requirement of sending 50% or less bio waste to landfill by 2013, whilst by 2020 the objective is to reduce that figure to 35% or less compared to 1995.

There are some really positive ways in which to recycle bio waste, many farmers use green garden waste to form a compost which can also be used as a manure to increase their crops and maximise their own profits via bio waste recycling. This method is particularly effective and popular amongst organic food farmers and has become paramount to that side of the farming industry.

Farmers are also reducing the carbo footprint of their farmland by recycling bio waste which will go a long way to helping the government achieve the levels of bio waste being sent to landfill and result in a greener, more environmentally friendly farming industry as a whole.

Biofuel is another great product of bio waste recycling, it is a fuel created from plant sources and has long been touted as a potential long term solution to the planet's declining oil stock. Biofuel's are known to be more carbon friendly than traditional fossil fuels such as gas, diesel and petrol which release lots of carbon into the environment and atmosphere. While biofuel crop is growing it pulls in carbon from the atmosphere and stores it, in this sense biofuel is carbon neutral.

As well a recycling benefits, there are also good savings and garden/food waste disposal savings to be made, it is often an expensive process for businesses, councils and Governments to dispose of bio waste, be looking into and utilising recycling methods disposal costs can be reduced and potentially diminished altogether in the future.

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